Monday, March 31, 2008

My poor, neglected blog

So I realize I've been a little lax with the posting lately. I wrote four articles for Blast this month, and while I'd like to use that as an excuse, the truth is ... I'm just lazy.

Anyway, check out my Blast articles on:

Kaki King
Great Northern
The Raveonettes
The Gutter Twins

Highlights of the past few weeks:

-The Great Northern/Gutter Twins show at Webster Hall was amazing. I can't say enough about Great Northern, which you can probably tell from the article.
-The Raveonettes show at the Bowery Ballroom was also great. I still maintain that they are a band whose records don't do them justice. Go see them live if you want to get a real feel for their sound.

And now baseball season is starting! Life is good:).

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D. Paul said...

Read the articles. You're the shiznit.