Sunday, December 16, 2007

Music makes the people come together

A brief update on some live music I've seen recently in New York City.

-Last week I saw Uh Huh Her (Leisha Hailey from "The L Word"'s band) at Webster Hall. The sound was terrible, probably the worst feedback I've ever heard at a show, but I was impressed with their performance. I'm a fan of their "I See Red" EP and am looking forward to a full-length album that's scheduled for release next year. Their sound is sultry electronica, and they remind me a lot of Goldfrapp. The Webster Hall show featured only a keyboard, bass and guitar, but they said they'll be touring with a full band in 2008. Can't wait.

-Friday night I saw The Most Serene Republic at the Mercury Lounge. They put on a pretty good, albeit short, show. If nothing else, singer Adrian Jewett's onstage antics were pretty fascinating. His red hair and manic eyes gave me an idea of what Ron Weasley's and Iggy Pop's offspring would look and act like. Oh, and he played a trombone on stage, which is always cool in my book.

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