Saturday, February 23, 2008

My kind of Nationalism

I was literally moved to tears more than once by The National's performance at BAM last night. I've never been so emotionally affected by a concert before (and no, I wasn't on anything except a beer). My eyes welled during the opening chords of "Start a War" and I bookended the show with a similar reaction during the closing notes of "Gospel." The band's flawless performance, augmented by a nine-member pseudo-orchestra was 90 minutes of bliss. Opener My Brightest Diamond opera/indie/punk mishmash was easy on the ears too. And Sufjan Stevens' guest appearance playing piano for "Ada" was also a special treat.

The album "Boxer" pretty much acted as the soundtrack for my move to New York, which was a perfect fit, since the band's songs are so sentimentally evocative, both musically and lyrically. And having first row, dead center seats less than 10 feet from the stage, enhanced the experience immensely. (Singer Matt Berninger bumped into my foot as ventured off the stage during the first encore ::goosebumps::).

I also signed up for a "Friends of BAM" membership, so I'm really looking forward to checking out all the great stuff they have to offer in the next year.

The National, along with Modest Mouse, are opening for R.E.M. on their spring/summer tour. I'd encourage any music fans to get tickets yesterday.

Set list: (courtesy of The Music Slut)
"Start a War"
"Brainy "
"Baby We'll Be Fine"
"Slow Show"
"Secret Meeting"
"Mistaken for Strangers"
"Squalor Victoria"
"Wasp Nest"
"Racing Like a Pro"
"Apartment Story"
New song (title not given)
"Fake Empire"

Encore 1:
"City Middle"
"Mr. November"
"About Today"

Encore 2:

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