Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Note to self: Don't piss off Page Six...

...or you might get raped.

It seems the editors at Page Six took offense to Vanessa Grigoriadis' article in New York Magazine about Gawker.com, in which she describes Page Six as "emasculated by the Murdoch hierarchy after the Jared Paul Stern scandal." (link mine).

(Side note: It's a great article. Check it out.)

So, in an effort to prove her wrong, P6 Editor Richard Johnson offers, along with his male co-workers, to assault Grigoriadis — if she were better-looking. Um...right. Cue "Whatta Man."


Socialite Commentary said...


You is a good writah. I likes your blog.


Liz said...

Thanks! I hassing fun wid it.