Thursday, January 10, 2008

The British continue to come

I saw one of my new favorite artists, Kate Nash, at the Bowery Ballroom last night. She put on a great show, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was sold out, considering her album was just released on Tuesday.

Nash is the latest sassy Brit to come stateside. She reminds me of Lily Allen - but is more musically diverse (and less pregnant!) Edit 1/18: not anymore:(.

Although she hasn't yet developed a strong stage presence (she seemed a bit awed by the crowd's enthusiasm, and her banter was limited to a few "thank you"s and a "Happy New Year"), the live performance as a whole was top-notch. Nash has a real set of pipes on her, and she didn't miss a beat when pounding out quirky rhythms on her piano.

I'm supposed to be interviewing Nash by the end of the month, so look for a feature on her in an upcoming issue of Blast. And in the meantime, give her a listen. You'll be glad you did.

Also, on a side note, now that my move to New York is complete, my blogging should become more frequent:).

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D. Paul said...

i just hopped over to her MySpace page and gave her a listen. good stuff. and i'm pretty psyched you'll be blogging more regularly now. i must have read your "best of" listen about 120 times.